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We The People: EnjoyAmericanFreedomDotCom Hoodie

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We The People: EnjoyAmericanFreedomDotCom Hoodie "We The People, enjoy American Freedom. We enjoy the right to protest. We enjoy the right to free speech. We enjoy the right to be who we want to be, even if that's a piece of chit. You can do that and let your mouth run no matter how smart or silly, or absurd you sound. You have this right because of those that served for you to have that right. War is not necessary. We The People, should be grateful for those that served for us. Countless, endless wars should end now, EVERYWHERE in this world. We The People, should also be grateful and thankful we can Enjoy American Freedom. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" EnjoyAmericanFreedomDotCom

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